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The people i work close with

Benjamin Weidekamp / Berlin&Basel


Working together since our school days in Münster, we studied both at HfM Hanns Eisler in Berlin and had a band for several years called Olaf Ton. We worked together on radioplays for NDR and Deutschland Radio, at  the Opera in Basel and founded projects like Stereolisa, Filterbubble and Brigade Futur 3. A very gifted composer, arranger and master of woodwinds.

Dritero Nikqi / Prishtina


My Brother in law and in music. Guitar player, mastermind and front man of the post war and post rock band Por-No.

He studied sound engineering at the Alchemea in London.

Together we ran Studio C in Prishtina and shared the work on a variety of great music and bands from Kosova and abroad.

The Artists 


The most important "gear" is the musician. The depth in music comes from bumping hearts and i love nothing more than to write, play or record with real people. To dig deep into music and beeing able to share that, is the biggest joy. I am happy to be in a city that has an unbelievable amount of gifted musicians and artists. I had the opportunity to work with so many of them, that I time and time again find myself happily thinking "this is exactly the right person for the right moment".




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