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DreiSekundenIslands "Wildnis" EP with 2 Tracks produced by me has hit the stores some days ago. Next to that i had exiting recording times and felt truly blessed with all the beautiful music happening around me. Daniel Freitags record had added another highlight by the future winner of best Saxophone solo on an Alternative record 2016 (beating Donny Mc Caslin on Blackstar) Dan Freeman!

The same Dan Freeman that i did a fabulous live video shoot recording in my beloved H2/Nalepastrasse with, for his own band, just some days later.

I had a great R&B vocal recording session with Habib Diop from Paris and very nice exchange Dates with Philipp Milner from Germany's finest Hundreds.

Adding to that we got an extraordinary Jazz Drum performance from superdrummer Max Andrzejewski on the next Filter Bubble Track called Tennisclub. Thanks to Echoschall again for making available the magical AKG C12.

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