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Too much to keep up with

Sometimes there is nothing happening, sometimes just to much to keep up with the news. The last few month saw me facing deadline after deadline so here is what happened:

While mixing and finishing the Mister Me Album "Zeit bleibt Zeit" that is gonna be released Oct. 27th, i started to work on a theater piece called "Hundesöhne" with director Nurkan Erpulat at Gorki Theater Berlin that will premiere on Oct. 18th. Instead of going for summer holidays i mixed our Brigade Futur 3 album "Alles wird gut gegangen sein werden" that is gonna be released on nov. 9th on Why Play Jazz. Next to that i also mastered the new album of prishtinas indie classics Gillespie and composed music to a series of short animation movies for colognes animation studio VAMOS. Furthermore we had our first and furious tour with Brigade Futur 3 through the wild east in September with me becoming a serious guitar hero (at least in the pictures). I also played some shows with Daniel Freitag for Radio 1 and Radio Fritz and the Album "Still" that we worked on together was finally released on Oct. 13th. Exhausted from the last month but happy about all this wonderful work i am looking forward to the things to come.

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