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No News is good news

Long time no writing means either nothing is happening or to much... The year 2018 has been good to me. Besides preparing for new riches in my private life, I was involved in tons of beautiful music.

First of, a new video of Polands finest Julia Marcell was released that was happily mixed and co-produced by yours truly and that might be an outlook of things to come later this year. Next of being a great singer and songwriter she is an amazing director:

Next to writing music with other artists more than ever this year, I also found the time to write some new music for the next steps towards the glorious future of Brigade Futur lll. In April we had a tour through Switzerland playing some legendary locations like the Helsinki in Zürich.

In May I had a small encounter with the Maxim Gorki Theater again, placing some sound cherrys on top of the musical pie by Tobias Schwenke for Nurkan Erpulats revision of Lö Grand Bal Almanya.

Furthermore i mixed the Album "Sie werden Dich lieben" for the Staatsakt signed Theodor Shitstorm . A Supergroup consisting of German singer Desiree Klaeukens and movie director Dietrich Brüggemann. Their Album will be released in September. Afterwards i mixed another beautiful record for the great songwriter Florian Glässing, that hopefully also will be released later this year.

I also mastered some music for Kosovarian Acts Syte and Gima that came out of good old Studio C in prishtina.

After a well earned summer pause there'll be exiting things coming in the future of 2018.

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