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Davie at Nalepastrasse

One thing i almost forgot, here is an amazingly beautiful video! The song by Dan Freeman is a live performance that i recorded two years ago for him and his Band "the serious" in now probably gone H2 Saal at Nalepastrasse. They used my rough mix for the video, as it provided the imperfection that the video longed for. This song is his tribute to David Bowie, and touches me as deep as Blackstar did. But it also fills me with melancholy as i have to think back to all the years at Nalepastrasse which now, like the most of Berlin, got it's portion of gentrification. It was for years a place lost in time, abandoned but nonetheless enabling the happening of art and music, because it was affordable to the artists and provided all the freedom necessary. In general i like to look forward to the future, but sometimes i miss the freedom of the the old Berlin and it's less capitalist times. Now please watch the video.

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